Getting and keeping profitable customers should be the fundamental focus of any business.

At ADM Marketing, we have over 50 years of experience creating locally based loyal clientele for our client’s brands by providing insight into their customers and executing innovative database marketing strategies around those insights. What is unique about ADM Marketing is that we strive find a way to track the direct benefit of each of our programs and offer them in small portions rather than making our clients eat the whole buffet in one sitting.

ADM Marketing is a full service Direct Marketing specialist focused on building customer loyalty for our clients. Our services are centered on customer identification, acquisition and retention programs designed to identify, understand and communicate with your local store customer on a one-to-one basis. We strive to help our clients develop and execute strategic direct marketing campaigns that maximize your customer acquisition and retention rates and increase average spend by integrating multi-channel consumer information including demographics, transactional data and lifestyle.

Starting in California in 1949 the business has expanded from a local mailing and printing service into a full service Direct Marketing specialist serving national customers in the hospitality, retail, entertainment, finance, real estate, healthcare and automotive fields with cost-effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

As our clients grew to appreciate our absolute attention to detail in executing their plans flawlessly (you try working with the post-office everyday for over 50 years and you will know what detail is all about!) they asked us to partner with them to find new and innovative ways to grow the value of their existing customer and acquire new customers on a regular basis. By letting ADM Marketing evolve and drive their direct marketing campaigns, our clients have been able to refocus their in-house marketing teams on product development, brand positioning, campaign creative and consistent messaging. 

By segmenting your customer base over time, we can help you focus your resources for the best return. Once we understand which of your customers are the most valuable, who has the highest potential value and who is at greatest risk for attrition we tailor the messages and mediums to upselling, engaging, retaining or activating consumers. Just as importantly we save valuable resources by ignoring customers with low potential and low value!

Given a loyalty driven customer’s tendency to outspend non-loyalty driven customers by as much as 13 to 1, our clients find loyalty based CRM programs to be cost-effective business drivers.

To enable this we offer:
  • Customer segmentation, evaluation and valuation with demographic and psychographic analysis as appropriate to your needs
  • Consumer and Business Prospect-list and House-list acquisition and maintenance strategies
  • Database entry, processing, maintenance, storage and analysis
  • Creative graphic design across print and electronic mediums
  • Direct Marketing Campaign Management with proven ROI and tracking
  • Execution across all appropriate mediums from direct and dimensional mail through FSI’s, inserts, newspapers, websites, search-engines and email
  • Focused programs to acquire and retain customers at the individual store level including enterprise-wide Loyalty Programs, New Store Openings, Welcome to the Neighborhood, Birthday/VIP Clubs and Trial Programs.